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Icon Claims Management

Claims & Dispute Avoidance

Many projects encounter unexpected events resulting in delays and additional costs. For the best chances of recovery, those events should be clearly identified and notified at the time they occur, allowing reasonable opportunity for due consideration and any necessary mitigating strategies to be implemented.

Project CDR has extensive claims management experience gained on large scale and complex claims in all sectors of the built environment.

We believe in strong client relationships and will ensure that a comprehensive review of our client’s position is undertaken from the outset. We provide strategic advice that ensures that our client’s position is protected, providing their claims with the best chance of success. At all times our aim is to avoid disputes or to successfully resolve those which may have already escalated.

Icon Alternative Dispute Resolution

Adjudication & ADR

Where contractual claims are unsuccessful, there may be no alternative but to escalate the dispute to the formal resolution process agreed between the parties. This may involve one of several forms of alternative dispute resolution such as adjudication, mediation, expert determination or arbitration. Project CDR has extensive experience of preparing for and engaging in these processes.

Icon Expert Witness

Expert Witness

Specialist Quantum and Delay Experts: Project CDR has a responsive attitude in the global delivery of our combined expertise to provide professional and independent expert witness services relating to quantum and delay matters. The team at Project CDR has an established track record as independent professionals with global expert witness report writing and testifying experience.

Icon Litigation Support

Litigation Support

Where other forms of dispute resolution are unsuccessful in providing finality to the dispute, the courts may provide the only means of final determination. Project CDR has both domestic and international experience in such circumstances, ranging from small disputes of under £10,000 to disputes approaching £1bn in value.

Icon Planning

Planning & Delay Analysis

Project CDR can deliver essential planning and scheduling services to a variety of project scenarios. We have implemented specialist monitoring roles to ensure that actual as-built progress is recorded and that those records are in line with the required contract provisions.

We also offer forensic delay analysis services which allow us to measure critical delays relevant to specific undelaying events during the progress of works. We will analyse the project data to either provide our clients with a simple factual review of progress or a highly detailed analysis of multiple layers of data to provide a reasoned and academic assessment of matters effecting progress.

Our forensic delay department offers independent expert opinion and advice. Our services will be tailored around the specific scope of services required and we will always maintain an effective dialog with our instructing clients.

Icon Commercial Management

Commercial Management

Project CDR has the expertise to provide commercial and contractual management services throughout the entire project from pre-contract reviews, execution phase, through to final account agreement. With many years of commercial and contractual management experience, Project CDR will engage with its client to ensure the key commercial management support is provided throughout the project.

Project CDR provides specialist advice and support which can be tailored to suit the needs of each client’s individual requirements.